It All Started with a Dog Named Odie

Cynthia and her partner founded 4Legz All Natural Dog Treats in 2004. They were inspired to develop all-natural dog treats after adopting Cynthia's hearing service dog, Odie. Odie had severe food allergies, so Cynthia couldn't find any treats to reward his behavior without putting his life in danger. As any true animal lover would, Cynthia took matters into her own hands. "Odie needed someone to care for his special diet needs, as much as I needed him to be my ears," she explained.

Healthy Treats for Pets Everywhere

Cynthia started testing dozens of recipes. Along the way, she realized Odie wasn't the only dog who couldn't enjoy the average treats available in most stores. Afer 21 years working in Special Education, Cynthia decided she was ready for a new challenge. That challenge was starting a new business: 4Legz All Natural Dog Treats. We love being a safer food option for furry family members, and we make sure our treats still taste delicious. Our products are made only from high-quality, nutritious ingredients. We never use any of the unsafe preservatives, chemicals, by-products, and fillers so often found in pet food products. No junk food here!

In-House Bakery, Better Quality

4Legz has grown tremendously over the past several years but we always stay true to our original production method to ensure top-quality. We produce all our products in-house at our bakery in Centralia, Washington. Each delicious and nutrious treat has its own original recipe, shape, and origin story - which makes them fun for everyone to enjoy. Our goal is to make sure your dogs are always sitting, staying, and begging for more! You can find 4Legz products on big sites like Amazon or buy directly from this website.

4Legz for Social Good

Along with creating delicious and allergy-friendly products, one of 4Legz core values is supporting the disability community. Through our connections in the local community, we’ve given countless individuals the experience they needed to get jobs in fields they are passionate about. We also work with animal-friendly organizations promote the health and well-being of animals, provide affordable veterinary services, and train and match service and therapy dogs with those who need them. Learn more about our partnerships here.

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