For the Love of Deaf Dogs

For the Love of Deaf Dogs

It’s no secret that our founder, Cynthia, loves dogs – she started an entire company because she was looking for treats her service dog Odie could enjoy safely!

Dogs have always been a part of Cynthia’s life, both as pets and as service animals. After Odie passed away, the organization Dogs for the Deaf approached Cynthia to see if she would be interested in signing up for another certified Hearing Dog. At this point, she knew she could either have dogs as service animals or as pets but not both, and she decided she’d rather open herself to the possibility of adopting as many dogs as possible.

Chip and Dozer

Over the years, Cynthia has adopted Goldie and Auburn into her family, both loved and appreciated for their unique personalities and for leading up to the wonderful deaf duo: Chip and Dozer.

Dozer is what is known as a Velcro dog – extra clingy and loving! Dozer is a mixed breed of boxer and English Settler-pointer, he is about nine years old. Dozer was adopted from Virginia and flown out to Cynthia on Alaska Airlines. Chip is short for Chocolate Chip. Chip is chocolate lab who is about four years old. Cynthia adopted this sweet, mellow old soul from Wenatchee, Washington.

Chip and Dozer join Cynthia and her husband John on all sorts of adventures. Be it road trips, hikes, canoeing, or just a great game of fetch, the group is always up to something fun. Chip and Dozer also just happen to be huge fans of 4Legz Dog Treats – what a life!

Take a look at some of their adventures below. If you’re interested in learning more about Cynthia’s journey you can purchase her book For the Love of Dogs.



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