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100 % Organic Sweet Potato puree certified by the USDA.  Grown and harvested in the Pacific Northwest.  Organic Sweet Potatoes are packed with vitamins A, C, B6 along with  potassium and fiber.

Ingredients: Organic Sweet Potato Puree, organic rye flour, organic oat flour, canola oil, ground ginger.

Born to Travel on 06-07-2016 06:05 PM
I'm ordering more of these treats. They are made of ingredients that are good for my dog and made in the USA. Each treat is about the size of a grape and very crisp. Luci Dog is a German Shephard and loves all vegetables, so I'm always looking for something with carrots or sweet potatoes. I keep these by the front door to encourage her to come back in. This one bite treat is small enough that I don't worry about over feeding her, but crunchy enough that she doesn't act like I'm cheating her. I would think that they might be too large/hard for small dogs, but they are great for mid-large sized dogs.
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For the Love of Dogs
For the Love of Dogs

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