Giving Back

Born deaf, Cynthia Murray—co-founder of 4Legz— came up with the idea for 4LEGz dog treats because of her former hearing dog, Odie. Odie was very sensitive to many foods, and suffered various symptoms include severe skin rash and digestive issues.

"Born deaf, I’ve always had an entrepreneur spirit of an attitude and approach to thinking that actively seeks out change, rather than waiting to adapt to change. It's a mindset that embraces critical questioning, innovation, service and continuous improvement."

"Dog treats you might ask? Yes, dog treats. You see I had a service dog name Odie who was allergic to just about every food and treats out there on the market. Odie came from the Dog for the Deaf Non-Profit Organization that trains Hearing Service Dogs. Odie had already been placed in two homes previously before living with me. I received a message from them asking if I would take Odie as he needed someone who would be able to care for his special diet needs as much as I needed him to be my ears."

"Odie set the tone of what I wanted to do to honor him and many other dogs in need of healthier eating of food and treats. So much pet food and treats are full of preservatives, chemicals, by-products and fillers.
“Made of Ingredients You can Pronounce” is something we wanted to do to simplify what we put in our treats."

"To be able to employ others with disability or should say differently abled. I’ve had to overcome a lot in my life and want to give back."



Local Dog Treat Company Helps Disabled Students Gain Work Experience!

Thank you 4Legz for being such an asset to our community! Owners John and Cynthia Murray of Chehalis have partnered with their local high school to provide work experience for disabled teens. The work experience program gives the kids experience not only with math and responsibility but real world work life and expectations. The kids come to the 4Legz facility once a week to help with weighing and packing treats into bags, marking the packages with “best by dates”, packing and taping shipping boxes, packing sample treats into bags and much more.

To afford the students additional hours of experience, they often pick up treats and bags for hundreds of sample bags that they put together at school. Cynthia spends time teaching the students with such patience!

Could John and Cynthia get the packaging done much faster without taking the time to mentor local kids? Of course! But that wouldn’t be as rewarding, and certainly not their style!

They are working on purchasing a new bagging machine with a wider base to be wheelchair accessible, with plans on employing local veterans as well. Just another reason to support our local companies, they support our community! 


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For the Love of Dogs
For the Love of Dogs

All proceeds are donated to pet rescues!

Peanut Butter / Molasses
Peanut Butter / Molasses "Kitty Roca"

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USDA Organic Pumpkin Puree
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Molasses Ginger Snap
Molasses Ginger Snap "Dognutz"

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