Ingredients: organic sweet potato puree, organic rye flour, organic oat flour, canola oil, and ground ginger.

Flavor Paw-file: bold, sweet, and spicy, accompanied by a satisfying crunchy texture.

Food and drink Paw-rings: pairs well with a bowl of crisp, refreshing water. Ice is optional.

Mostly sweet with a dash of spiciness, the sweet potato treat emanates a warm flavor aura reminiscent of playing fetch in colorful autumnal foliage and burrowing in chunky knit blankets in front of a roaring bonfire.

Sweet potatoes offer numerous benefits for dogs. They are chock-full of vitamins and minerals that promote healthy skin, coat, eyes, nerves, and muscles. In addition to supporting a healthy digestive system due to its high fiber content, sweet potatoes help reduce certain types of cancer and can provide protection against heart diseases. We all can agree that a healthy dog is a happy doggo!

This wholesome vegetable is in season from August through November, which makes them a popular ingredient in many autumn dishes. Include your pups in your family’s autumn festivities by treating them with our sweet potato goodies!

The organic sweet potatoes in our treats are sourced locally from Stahlbush Island Farms. We are fully committed to supporting the local economy and sourcing organic human-grade ingredients. All local ingredients are masterfully crafted into our line of treats that are mixed, baked, and sealed right here in the USA! You heard that right: you can even sample your dog’s treats. We won’t tell anyone, promise!

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Gift Certificate $25
Gift Certificate $25

Perfect for your dawg luvin family member or friendz.  

Blueberry Pancake Bulk
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Wanna give your dog a big smooch with *no* reservations???

For the Love of Dogs
For the Love of Dogs

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