We at 4Legz know how precious your pups are to you -- they are like family members so we want to give them the very best. We want our pups to consume the highest quality food possible and that’s why using human-grade ingredients is a no-brainer!


Why are human-grade ingredients better?

The ingredients are fit for human consumption: the FDA sets rigorous standards for foods that are available for human consumption. This means that the food your dog eats is safe enough to be handled and consumed by your entire family! 

The same wholesome ingredients you would find in your own food.

Healthier digestion for your dog. It’s a win-win for you both!

Nutrient-rich ingredients: softer, shinier coats make for better cuddles!

The lack of industrial-grade contaminants prolongs your dog’s lifespan. More playtime with your four-legged best friend!


So what exactly is feed-grade pet food?

4D Meats: dying, diseased, disabled, and dead. Believe it or not, roadkill and euthanized animals are legally allowed in your pet’s food.

The yucky stuff: rendered meat by-products such as eyes, beaks, feet, and feathers.

Garbage: expired produce, leftover food waste from supermarkets.

The CDC recommends that children under five years old should not handle pet food or treats. Yikes!

Contains fillers and preservatives that would never be allowed in human food.

Now we know that feed-grade is something that will not touch the dishes or mouths of our beloved pets, make the switch today!


4Legz for the WIN! 

Switch over to 4Legz’s proud line of HUMAN-GRADE ingredients! All of your worries will be melted away with the vote of confidence you should have in all of our treats. We never put any junk, wheat, corn, or preservatives other than the HIGH-QUALITY ingredients in the snacks for your pups! 

With the whole line of 4Legz dog treats, you will know you are giving your pups well-deserved treats with wholesome ingredients that you can pronounce!

You can feel confident that your four-legged friend is getting the BEST of the best! Hop on over to 4Legz and order the variety pack of our treats and get a taste of them all with free shipping! www.4Legz.com

Gift Certificate $25
Gift Certificate $25

Perfect for your dawg luvin family member or friendz.  

Blueberry Pancake Bulk
Blueberry Pancake Bulk

Blueberry Dog Treats

Peanut Butter / Molasses
Peanut Butter / Molasses "Kitty Roca"

Wanna give your dog a big smooch with *no* reservations???

For the Love of Dogs
For the Love of Dogs

All proceeds are donated to pet rescues!

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Gift Box - Free Shipping

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