Hey all:

Despite our shared situation, we want to thank you for your continued trust in our products!

Your Safety

We’ve always been about keeping you safe. This includes stuff we’ve always done, such as manufacturing in our own facility with a small, close-knit team, using local farms and suppliers, as well as maintaining a clean, human grade production environment.

But we’re doing even more more now:

  • Additional 100% wipedown of all equipment with new sanitary measures on packing materials.
  • Additional sanitation throughout all production facilities; we've always wiped down our production equipment, but now every surface of our packaging line as well.

Keeping our Staff Safe

Our employees are like family, and we want to make sure they are safe, healthy, and covered. Here are the steps we have taken:

  • Making sure employees can work at home wherever feasible
  • Responsible distancing when we are in the facility.  We encourage alternate shifts and anything the helps our staff during these tough time.  At the start of everyday we temperature check.
  • Our employees *are* our company!

We can only hope we are all out of danger soon!  In the meantime, we'll continue honoring your continuing and loyal business with us.

Wishing you and yours continued health,

Cynthia & John


Gift Box - Free Shipping
Gift Box - Free Shipping

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For the Love of Dogs
For the Love of Dogs

All proceeds are donated to pet rescues!

Peanut Butter / Molasses
Peanut Butter / Molasses "Kitty Roca"

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USDA Organic Pumpkin Puree
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Molasses Ginger Snap
Molasses Ginger Snap "Dognutz"

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