Meredith Vieira Spends Emotional Day With Rescue Mission Saving Dogs In Rural Communities

Meredith Vieira decided she wanted to shed light on a very real problem; homeless and abused dogs. She and her film crew decide to visit Savannah, Georgia and Animal Aid USA, a group working tirelessly to rescue dogs they find in terrible situations and then finding them homes throughout the country. 

During their visit, Vieira and the crew witnessed a rescue first hand. A worker from Animal Aid USA demanded they stop the car. She jumped out of the car to rescue a dog she named “Hope”. She and the other volunteer at the rescue save the dogs from abuse and neglect. They then visit an animal shelter and then an amazing foster home. To see the dogs being rescued from dire situations and then on the path to happy endings is heartwarming to say the least.

Stray and neglected dogs are a problem across North America