Few months later Ben came to live with us. My twin’s family had adopted him at the PAWS shelter in Grays Harbor. They felt bad for Ben as his family could no longer care for him and his brother due to economic hardship that fell on the family during the downturn. With Ben’s brother adopted out, he was all alone. Ben is big black cat with little bitty green eyes. So they took Ben home and the two little cats of my nieces wanted nothing to do with him. Little Missy a little gray calico cat would play and then hiss at him if he doesn’t play her way. Ben is a gentle giant that never hurts a fly.

When my niece Missy went off to college and took both of the cats with her, Ben was alone once again. He would follow my twin around the house meowing all day wanting her attention. She gave him all the love and attention, but it wasn’t enough. When we have visited them in the past, he wanted nothing to do with us.

So off he goes to the Murray’s House. I didn’t know how we would react being in a house with two dogs and two other cats. Ben came to us in November. So I would leave the dogs out during the day while at work to let Ben roam the house and get familiar with the other cats. We would come home and check to see if all of the cats made it thru the day daily. Ben would hide in our cupboards. There are times he would sneak into the closet as we opened and closed them without realizing he snuck in. I would call for him and he wouldn’t show up, panicky I thought maybe he snuck out. When John gets home, he could hear Ben meowing some of the time to let us know where he was. So now we tend double check before closing the doors or leave them ajar for him to hide in.


Wall-e has found his playmate! He loves to run and wrestle with Ben and Ben is such a sweetie that he has no mean bones in his body to hurt Wall-e. Both of the boys will sleep in their beds together during the day up above our cabinets as they have a 180 view of our kitchen and living room. Ben is the only cat that still has his front claws and we see no need to declaw them as he doesn’t use them to attack us or the others. We do have a scratching post that he loves to use and that’s it. Ben loves to come to us to get petted but not held. He will come to us and lay down next to us. He will not lay or sleep in our lap. He loves to get our attention when the dogs are sleeping. He doesn’t like the dogs either and are scared of them. The dogs have been good to him and left him alone. Ben has several nickname such as “The Benster” or “Statue”. Ben tend to act like a statue and not move while staring. Never blinking and just stand there for long period of time. Ben will be on a look out for the dogs to make sure the coast is clear to come on over and join us in the kitchen, on the couch or in bed. Ben is now getting comfortable to sleep on John side of the bed so that he can hop away if the dogs get too close. Ben knows the dogs tend to come and wake me on my side of the bed by pawing me. They do not bark or cry for my attention. They’ve learned early on that sound does not work.  If they need to go out, they will paw me to wake me up or any other issue or emergency.

We love that each of our pets has a unique personality that no others will have. We enjoy each one of their mood, emotions, intellect, talents and love that they provide for us and their counterparts.