The Story of Miss T

We were getting ready for the Pet Expo and busy making treats for the event. Janey from Concern for Animals had been posting pictures in July of Miss T on facebook and she had been with them about 6 months. She was pretty long haired gray cat. I told Janey if no one picks her up after the Pet Expo event, we will take her. She was an older cat of 10 years old. We arrived at the Pet Expo Wednesday night to set up our booth. The next morning, I went over to see Miss T before the event started and held her and she just wanted to be held and suck on everyone’s neck.  She was very much a people cat.  I was fortunate to have friends and family to help me run the booth every day. John finally met her on Saturday Morning, and fell in love with her. He was ready for her to take her home.

I told him she still has one more day at the event. But that Saturday Janey’s mom notice that Miss T was way too thin and thought something might be wrong. They decided to take her to the vet, and sure enough the vet said she was under weight and they run and bunch of test and put in a feeding tube to get food into her. Test came back ok and couldn’t find anything wrong except being under nourishment. She stayed at the vet for two weeks.  They emailed to see if we were still interested or if we wanted to waived due to the situation. We talked it over and said we would take her. They were thrilled. I picked her up and the vet showed me how to feed tube Miss T. and gave me a whole case of canned food. They gave me meds and directions on what to do and in case of emergency to call. Miss T came home to the Murray’s house. Miss T was happy to be home. Wall-e was curious of the new cat and stayed away for he was afraid of the tubes and bandages wrapped around her neck. Dogs were left outside until night time for bed. Miss T was making huge progress in such a short time that in three days, she wanted to eat solid dry food. She was getting tired of the can food being fed to her thru the tube. We called the vet and they said that was alright and by the end of the week, we went back to visit the vet. The vet was surprise by how much better she was looking and gaining weight. They took the tube out. Left the stitches in and said that we can take it out within a week. She would roam the house and settled in, but she too wanted nothing to do with the dogs. Here we are hoping that the cats like dogs. That’s the con of getting older cats versus kitties.

As time went, Miss T was content living here and would hiss at Wall-e whenever she gets a chance. Wall-e wanted Miss T to play him and she would have none of it. He would run straight at her and she would scrambled to get out of the way and run from him.

We decided to switch the food friskies to the organic cat food. She was having none of that! She would cry, cling to us, suck on our neck and wanting us to hold her. I was puzzled by her action as she hasn’t done this since the feeding tube came out. She was starving herself again. So I went to the store and bought the friskies and 9 lives to see which she likes. She went to the friskies. She was eating again. I tried to mix the 9 lives in with the friskies and she would literally throw a hissy fit. She gave in by eating piece by bits of friskies and the boys would eat the leftover. I didn’t want to her to lose weight again and realize why she was skinny to begin with. She was boycotting the food at the shelter.

I’ve tried months later to add the good cat food to their diet but she was having none of it. So we stayed with the friskies that stains our carpet when the cat throws up.  All that artificial coloring doesn’t do our carpet any good.

This is another issue of taking on an older cat that someone else has raised and fed. But we love her and wouldn’t trade her for the world. She is home with the Murray’s Bunch.