Human Grade vs Feed Grade

We at 4legz believe it is important for our consumer to know the different between human grade ingredients versus feed grade. We at 4legz buy only human grade for our treats as we want the best for our dogs. This is why our treats are on the high side to afford the cost of each product we buy. We are a small company thriving to do our best for our pets. We will never be able to compete with the huge manufacturing corporations. But we hope to find a nice niche in the market for those who care what’s in the treats that they feed their dogs. We believe in the slogan of ours as “Made of Ingredients You can Pronounce”.

Human-grade vs. Feed-grade

So what exactly does it means for an ingredient to be fee-grade? Basically feed-grade ingredients are those deemed no fit for human consumption. In other words, ingredients that don’t qualify as “human-grade”. They include expired food, defective food, moldy food, and by-products.

By-products are the waste that is left after production of ingredients for the human food chain. It is the damaged or defective material produced during or left over from a manufacturing or industrial process. When you eat a bowl of peanuts at home, the shells go to the garbage. But at the peanut plant, they’ve sometimes sold  to pet food manufacturers and wind up in your beloved dog or cat’s dish. Other examples include grain hulls, corn husk, middlings, peels, dust, stems, hair, and other waste products.

The good news is that we at 4legz only use human-grade ingredients* in our all natural dog treats. The benefits behind using only human-grade ingredients are many. For one, testing protocols for human-quality ingredients are far more stringent than they are for feed-grade ingredients. Secondly, human-grade ingredients do not include any waste or out-dated fragments of anything not fit for human consumption. They are screened for contaminants, visually inspected, and tested for nutritional content before entering the human food chain. This insures that human-grade ingredients are robust and chock-full of naturally-occurring nutrients and enzymes.          

* although all ingredients we use are human grade, our treats are not intended for human consumption.