Adopting Pets

Why adopt a rescue pets ?

We at 4legz have two dogs (one rescued from a co-worker) and three rescued older cats from three different local pets organizations. The three places are Concern for Animals, Paws, and Lewis County Animal Shelter.

I know of people saying they don’t want to pay to rescue one, but it would cost you much more to have them neutered or spayed  and shots from the vet and etc…

It is not free to care for pets in any facility. Please support your local and I mean local pet organization in your area. Check them out and ask how you can help.  Most local pet shelters are struggling to get by as they are trying to cover the cost of staff, food, vet, and cleaning. I’ve notice in our area, the county struggle to rein in the puppy mills. People would literally move here to run puppy mills. And this underscores the shelter when they have to house them and care for them causing huge budget issues.