Kook-e-King Machines

Since 1932 Rhodes Bakery Equipment Co., Inc. has manufactured machinery for the baking industry.

The trademark Kook-E-King ® cookie depositor has become world famous for high speed, wire-cut cookie depositing. 

We first bought a bench model kook e king machine thru eBay and had to change out all the hardware (pieces).

This is a great machine to start with when starting your business.

Cost is low

Accepts many types of dough

Capable of making 300 cookies a minute.

Holds 40 lbs of dough in the hopper

Over 60 different shapes cookies available

No electricity need rely on arm strength

Machine weighs 85 lbs.


Now that we’ve ramp up our production

We bought a used automatic kook e king

It does as the same as the bench model

This is run on electric and air compressor

The plus is the Consistency in size of the cookie

Cranks out the same number of cookies as the bench model.

It is easier on your arm.