Wall-e the Cat

April 2011, a year had gone by since we lost our former cats.

We were watching an animated movie one night, normally I’m not a fan of animation as it reminds me of my youth not knowing what they were saying in their silly voices. Wall-E was on. As we were watching, we said out loud to each other wouldn’t that be a cool name for a cat? We were thinking on the same wave length at the same time. Three weeks later I went in to visit the Humane Society in Lewis County, dropping off our treats and would make the round to visit all the dogs and cats. I like to spend time with them and give them love before I leave. After being with the dogs, I went to see all the cats when lo and behold there was a wide eyed cat name Wally! I froze for a moment and thought to myself, this is weird or what?

I went up to the front desk and ask about him. And they said he had been there for three weeks now. "Three weeks?!", I thought to myself. Wasn't that when we saw the the movie??

To make a long story short, we adopted Wall-e and took him over to Alpha Pet Supply to get food and litter box.

We soon learned that Wall-e was a stray that had no house training!

Wall-e seems so calm and mild when I saw him at the shelter. Now I realize he must have just been in a state of shock from being there so long. We had to take him in to the vet the next day due to urinary infection.

Wall-e the would be calm one moment and *psycho* the next. He would run wild and tear up the house and then sit with me for a moment before attacking me. He literally had his claws in my flesh of my face.


Back to Jackson Hwy Vet we went, we were not ready to give up on him. Wall-e had his front claws declawed for our safety and his.  He came home and recovered. after a few days of rest, he tried to climb the couch and slid off!  It was an eye opener for him and from then on, he was doing so much better. Wanted to be held and cuddled on his terms, but less hissing and scowling.

We even came up with a song for Wall-e! (sung to Hello Mudda, Hello Fadda)

Wall-e kitty; 
you're so pretty...
pretty psycho;
psycho kitty!!!!

Now it's been two years, Wall-e is doing so well today and is loving the dogs and going outdoor catching the mice. If they are alive, we scoot them out and if they're dead, we buried them.