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Rainy days at the Murray's home saw Cynthia thinking of the possibility of a new business she could create. Many afternoons and evenings, both with her dogs and without, she made recipes and plans. All that planning paid off. 4Legz - an all natural dog treats business was born and everyone was thrilled!

Goldie and Auburn, two of her dogs, gets to spend time together with mom testing the cookies!  Cynthia gets to create fabulous new treats and gifts for owners who love pampering their pets. And you get to own or give some of the most original and unique dog treats there are! The treats are "made with ingredients you can pronounce".

"My hubby, families, friends and all the wonderful dogs in the whole wide world are greatly appreciated in this endeavor.", shares Cynthia.  

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The Tails of Goldie

I first met Goldie while house sitting for a friend. Goldie was living with a family who had a boxer as well. Goldie was a cute little yellow lab mix with golden retriever. After a while the family decided they did not want to keep her and was contemplating to either give her away or take her to the Humane Society.

The next time I house sat for them, they popped the question if I wanted to take her. This was a very difficult for me to digest as my Hearing Dog Odie had just passed away after 15 years of age two months earlier. I took her over to meet my family and friends hoping one of them would adopt her! Here was this beautiful yellow 6 months old girl sitting by my side, never making a sound, waiting patiently smiling shyly at everyone. Almost had my brother-in-law hooked as she was so adorable and sweet and not a rambunctious type for a lab. So here I was looking down at her and sighed. I didn’t want a big dog, even though I grew up with big dogs. I was hoping for something small and easy to take places like Odie was. She won my heart over with her soft retriever/lab hair and sweet disposition. Here, Goldie at 6 months old and grew to be a 75 pound adult dog! 


Goldie moved into her new home. Now I had a new dilemma, she doesn’t let me know when someone is at the door! Ike! She did not bark or made any kind of jester that anyone was coming over to visit. Sigh. Now I had to teach her how to get me by tapping and pacing back and forth when someone came over. Odie was my teacher and now here I was trying to teach this girl how to announce someone’s present!

John (a cat person) enters the picture and we would go out on outings with this beautiful girl to the parks and lakes. Goldie would get very lonely during the day when I’m at work. She was so used to having a companion and was all alone. The neighbor who happens to be my landlord and former roommate also had a dog and she would climb the fence or dig her way out to play with Riley! The Tails of Auburn Finally, I decided to get another dog…. On the smaller side! LOL That took us on many trips with Goldie in tow visiting Humane Society all over the State and even into the next State over.

Talk about having a hard time finding a puppy! They were grabbed up before I can say “Hi”. Unfortunately lots of huge dogs were up for adoption and we had Goldie try them out but was looking for one that smaller and just could not find any….

This went on for months and finally John (then boyfriend) and I went to this home by the military base without Goldie as we have been dragging her everywhere with us and decided to leave her at home thinking we will not get one. Came face to face into a mob of puppies. The brothers and sisters all scrambling inside to meet us…the boys were all black with a couple of white specks and the girls were all yellow with lots of black spots and stripes on them except for this one little girl, who was all brown and thin and small. She did have another sister that looks like her but had already been adopted out the day before as we were told by the owners. So here I was looking at these puppies thinking are they going to be big??!   I was pondering thinking of the yellow with black specks and stripes little girl and John was thinking of the brown little girl.

Wish I brought Goldie for her input! I hope she forgive us for the one we bring home. Finally I gave in on the brown girl. She rode in the back seat as we were trying to come up with a new name for her…. all the way back home. She was so tiny and yet she was a mix mutt!  I was aware that she might have food allergies just like her parents.

Arrived home with this little tiny puppy in my arm and Goldie was so excited to see us and this little pup just growled ferociously loud, I almost dropped her! Goldie took a few stepped peddling back and I thought “Oh No , I brought home a  monster!”  John went on his merry way home and here I had two dogs staring at each other!

Spent the next 3 days with my undivided attention for these 2 in tow. My nephews had a whole list of dog names and came over and help me name the pup Auburn. Auburn was a barker and she would let me know if someone was at the door! Whew. She had a terror disposition. It was not easy to get her to behave and with months and months of John’s help and the help of Cesar Milan’s books and videos, we were able to turn her into a sweet loving girl. She is a great companion to Goldie and likewise. Both love to go places, camping, hiking and canoeing together.

Auburn is a big dog of 75 pounds. I guess I should be grateful that they are not big dogs like the ones I grew up with in the 100’s pounds. The 4legz company was born. I find every dog to be adorable no matter what their sizes are and enjoying meeting many of them on our journeys with the 4legz dog treats. Two years later John and I married and the girls and I moved in with John and his two big cats. Hence the name Murray Bunch!