Cynthia Murray along with her husband John are the founders of 4Legz.  Born deaf, Cynthia has a unique outlook, derived at making treats due to her former hearing dog "Odie".  Odie was very sensitive to many foods, and suffered various symptoms include severe skin rash and digestive issues.   Along with our two dogs, we now have a new member to our family name Dozer, the amazing deaf pup. My hubby says two deaf in the household is enough for now! Our 3 cats are warming up to the new member of the pack. We produce a treat that contains nothing harmful to dogs; we also want our treats to be as much fun for you as it is for your dog!" We thrive at making our treats 100% Non-GMO.


Establishing and running a small business, while incredibly rewarding, has its share of pitfalls and traps along the way.  We consider ourselves very blessed to have met some great people along the way!  Not only are they concerned about the health and well being of their customer's pets, they also have the same attitude towards us! 

That type of feedback, along with numerous comments from our customer's keeps us focused.  To keep up with the increased demand we've just invested in new equipment for our in-house bakery that will result in a quadrupling of our production.  We must admit that the pressure to "outsource" production of our product has been very tempting, but we choose to keep the production method and recipes unchanged.  

There are two primary methods of mass producing "cookies" today: wire cut, and depositor.  The wire cut method basically forces the dough through a shaped die, with a wire sweeping underneath cutting the cookie.  Up until now we have been using a 30 years old hand crank machine that was made in Portland Oregon.  Wire cut machines are inherently limited in output.  The depositor on the other hand forces the dough into pockets embedded on a large drum, then drop out as the drum rotates.  Cookie depositors are capable of very high volume output.

Why should you care about this?  

Our recipes result in a very sticky, heavy (and yummy) dough; it is simply not compatible with high volume depositor type machines.  If we were to outsource production, our recipes would have to be heavily modified (more filler).  We decided to stay with the lower volume wire cut method - choosing an automated machine that has been modified to use the same tooling (dies) that our trusty old hand crank machine uses.

Result?  More cookies! And most importantly - same Cookies! :)


4Legz Headquarterz

Rainy days at the Murray's home saw Cynthia thinking of the possibility of a new business she could create. Many afternoons and evenings, both with her dogs and without, she made recipes and plans. All that planning paid off. 4Legz - an all natural dog treats business was born and everyone was thrilled!

Goldie and Auburn, two of her dogs, gets to spend time together with mom testing the cookies!  Cynthia gets to create fabulous new treats and gifts for owners who love pampering their pets. And you get to own or give some of the most original and unique dog treats there are! The treats are "made with ingredients you can pronounce".

"My hubby, families, friends and all the wonderful dogs in the whole wide world are greatly appreciated in this endeavor.", shares Cynthia.  

Our very own Dog Tasters on site

The Tails of Goldie

I first met Goldie while house sitting for a friend. Goldie was living with a family who had a boxer as well. Goldie was a cute little yellow lab mix with golden retriever. After a while the family decided they did not want to keep her and was contemplating to either give her away or take her to the Humane Society.

The next time I house sat for them, they popped the question if I wanted to take her. This was a very difficult for me to digest as my Hearing Dog Odie had just passed away after 15 years of age two months earlier. I took her over to meet my family and friends hoping one of them would adopt her! Here was this beautiful yellow 6 months old girl sitting by my side, never making a sound, waiting patiently smiling shyly at everyone. Almost had my brother-in-law hooked as she was so adorable and sweet and not a rambunctious type for a lab. So here I was looking down at her and sighed. I didn’t want a big dog, even though I grew up with big dogs. I was hoping for something small and easy to take places like Odie was. She won my heart over with her soft retriever/lab hair and sweet disposition. Here, Goldie at 6 months old and grew to be a 75 pound adult dog! 

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About 4Legz

4legz is an All Natural Dog Treat company specializing in wholesome and organic cookies for your dogs. “Made of Ingredients you can Pronounce” is a statement made by one of our customers that best summarizes what we do!  We started 4Legz with the idea of freshly baked natural treats made out of wholesome ingredients.  Treating your pet to a cookie is supposed to be fun, so we wanted to get beyond the dog biscuit. We developed some recipes that are sure to bring a smile to you as well! Made in the USA, with the highest quality ingredients that are Non-GMO.

We have created 6 unique types of treats to pick from: Dognutz, Kitty Roca, Ode 2 Odie, Organic Pumpkin, Organic Sweet Potatoes and Chehalis Mint. More and more pet lovers prefer to pamper their dogs with healthy, natural foods and treats. You will notice the many different shapes of the treats.

Each treat also has a story behind them to keep the consumer “begging for more”!

We are involved in many different communities and charities events within Washington and through out the USA. We are also giving back to the community as a way of hiring other disabilities, like as myself, to help improve work relation and to build character by empowering them through gainful employment opportunities. Being disabled give us the opportunity to be able in ways only we can.